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  • Hi, I'm Mark, a new media designer living and working in San Francisco. I specialize in user experience, web design/development, creative direction, and product development. I love developing creative solutions to complicated design problems. I work in agile and rapid environments, without sacrificing my commitment to creating beautiful, sophisticated designs for others to experience.

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Pantone Swatchy Campaign

This student project is a for the Pantone Corporation to create a unique mailer that Pantone would mail to graphic designers as part of a promotional campaign and to thank them for their continued support of the Pantone Corporation.

For my project, I created Swatchy, a do-it-yourself blank vinyl toy that designers and artists could customize when they receive it in the mail. The toy would also come with three Pantone markers as a bonus for the designer to utilize in customizing the toy.My overall goal was to market Pantone’s timelessness and its ability to transcend itself into all markets including a niche market like the vinyl toy industry.