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  • Hi, I'm Mark, a new media designer living and working in San Francisco. I specialize in user experience, web design/development, creative direction, and product development. I love developing creative solutions to complicated design problems. I work in agile and rapid environments, without sacrificing my commitment to creating beautiful, sophisticated designs for others to experience.

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Craiglist Redesign

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This was a project to utilize a 960 pixel grid framework in the coding of a grid structured website. The 960 grid helps with organizing sites with tables or heavy body content. In this case, the grid was used to makeover the Craigslist site which is notorious for it’s dated site design. The site itself is completely built through coding. There are no images or vector graphics. CSS3 was used to stylize all elements– including text shadows, drop shadows, gradients, round corners, etc. The craigslist logo and all text on the site was customized using the Google Font database, making the fonts accessible to everyone and with minimal loading time.